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hello, bonjour, dag

Nice to meet you!  I'm Kendra and I have a passion for taking photographs.  I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world and invariably have a camera in my hand.


I've lived in England, France and The Netherlands and am currently based in Washington D.C.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my photography - and maybe enjoying my art on your wall one day.

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I love travel & photography

In fact I usually annoy anyone I'm with by constantly stopping to shoot pics.  Black and white photography is my passion, as you have probably figured out by now.  The classic elegance of it is timeless and is always in style - and looks brilliant when matted and framed as art.


I'm also fascinated (and slightly obsessed) with minimalism and negative space - the part of the image with absolutely nothing in it.  That may sound odd, but simplicity is key.  Don't complicate things - you'll see more.

It's not what you look at  that matters, it's what you see. - Thoreau

I was born in West Sussex, England and moved to the US to play tennis at University in Florida.  I studied graphic design there, and after graduating started on my photographic journey working for numerous photo agencies both in the US and Ireland.


I moved from D.C. to Paris, France and lived there for five and a half years, working for a marketing firm at the time.  Paris is the most beautiful city in the world and admittedly it's hard to take a bad photo there - there is simply inspiration everywhere you look.  I absolutely loved it.


After most recently living between Amsterdam and The Hague in The Netherlands for five years while capturing Dutch canal houses, unending horizons, and the amazing reflections in the land of water, I now reside back in Washington D.C. with my husband and son (who is also an artist - check him out too).


I never get tired of the adventure that is travel, and documenting the journey along the way - in black and white of course.


Thanks for letting me introduce myself - now go back to the galleries, read the travel blog, and get inspired! x

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Thanks - and stay classy!


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