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10 Best Instagram Photo Spots in Amsterdam

Updated: May 30

Dutch Bike Amsterdam  kpm photo art

Amsterdam is a city full of perfect Instagram worthy shots and iconic views.

This is a guide to exactly where to go in order to capture the best of what the city has to offer through your own lense. Enjoy the photographic journey . . .

There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam: 1.2 million bikes, but only around 821,000 inhabitants.

1. Damrak Houses

Damrak is situated in the city center just across from Amsterdam Central Station. It is probably one of most popular photography spots in the city.

Damrak Waterfront Houses Amsterdam Netherlands  kpm photo art

The famous Damrak gingerbread houses, or dancing houses as they are known, make for a fantastic image and if you can get there when the water is calm, the reflections are spectacular..

Damrak Waterfront Houses Reflection Amsterdam Netherlands  kpm photo art

If you walk all the way around the dock, you can find many different angles and interesting shots.

Amsterdam’s houses are generally so narrow because historically you were charged taxes in proportion to the size of the exterior - the smaller the facade, the cheaper.

2. Bridges of Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht

The spot where the two canals of Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht intersect is another location for that iconic Amsterdam shot. You’ve probably seen a version of this image many times - it’s a popular one.

Amsterdam has more canals (165) than Venice and more bridges (1,700) than Paris.

Bridges of Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht Amsterdam Netherlands  kpm photo art


3. The Rijksmuseum

The museum most famous for Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ is a glorious building both inside and out. Built in 1885, it combines Gothic and Renaissance style architecture.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Netherlands  kpm photo art

The Neo-Gothic arches of the museum underpass featuring pedestrian and bike lanes is a sight in itself, also offering a sneak peak into the museum through large windows.

Amsterdam has the most museums per capita of all cities in the world.

The museum's small ornate garden with it’s little outdoor cafe and reclining park chairs around a fountain, is also a pretty spot to enjoy the view.


4. Amsterdam Central Station

The largest station in Amsterdam, and second busiest in The Netherlands after Utrecht, is a Gothic Renaissance style masterpiece.

Amsterdam Central Station Netherlands   kpm photo art

Opened in 1889, it was designed by the same architect who designed the famous Rijksmuseum and has a strong resemblance to the famous house of art.

Amsterdam Central Station Netherlands.  kpm photo art


5. Corner of Sint Olofssteeg - Floating Houses

This little corner of Amsterdam is actually located in the red light district and offers a simply beautiful image.

It is unique to many canal scenes as the building doesn’t have a pedestrian street around it, creating the illusion of floating houses.

A quarter of the Dutch capital is below sea level. At one spot the city is actually 6.7 meters below sea level.

If you can get a calm time of day, the mirror image reflections are an added bonus.

orner of Sint Olofssteeg - The Floating Houses Amsterdam Netherlands  kpm photo art


6. Lomanstraat’s Leaning Trees

Located near the westside of Vondelpark, this incredible street of leaning Honey Locust trees begs the question - why and how? The mystery, it seems, goes back about 100 years to when they were saplings.

Lomanstraat’s Leaning Trees Amsterdam Netherlands  kpm photo art


7. The Nine Streets - De Negen Straatjes

The Nine streets is a popular shopping area with designer boutiques and cosy cafes.

The three quaint canals, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht and Herengracht, are ideal for photos and quintessential old Amsterdam atmosphere.

The Nine Streets - De Negen Straatjes Amsterdam Netherlands  kpm photo art

You cannot leave the city without taking a picture of the iconic image of a bike perched on one of the bridges over these canals.

25,000 bicycles are fished from the canals of the Dutch capital each year.

And if you are lucky enough to spot a ‘flower bike’ somewhere in the city - snap away!

Flower Bike Amsterdam Netherlands  kpm photo art


8. Westerkerk (West Church) View

In the same Nine Streets neighborhood, if you stand on the Berenstraat bridge that crosses the Prinsengracht (canal), or further down on the Reestraat Bridge, you’ll get a lovely view of the Westerkerk which has Amsterdam’s highest tower.

The Westerkerk itself is located right next to the Anne Frank house.

Anne Frank’s diary is available in 70 different languages.

Westerkerk West Church View Amsterdam Netherlands.  kpm photo art


9. Dam Square

The smaller streets of the city open up to this expansive square. It is a meeting place and melting pot, usually jam packed with locals, tourists, and pigeons!

Dam Square lies at the original location of the dam on the river Amstel, hence the name if the city.

Located only a five minute walk from Central Station, it dates back to the 13th century and is home to the more recent 17th century Royal Palace (Koninklijk Palace), which is no longer home to the royal Dutch family. Madame Tussauds is based there as well.

Dam Square Amsterdam Netherlands. kpm photo art


10. Vondelpark

The largest and most popular park in Amsterdam, and the most famous in The Netherlands is located not too far from the Museumplein.

Because of the wet soil in Vondelpark, the trees planted there can only live up to 50 years before falling over.

With 47 hectares to explore, you could easily spend a whole day there and get some lovely photos.

Vondelpark Amsterdam Netherlands. kpm photo art


And finally - remember any Amsterdam shot can always be improved with an iconic Dutch bike in the foreground, of which there are plenty!

There are four times as many bikes as cars in Amsterdam.

Dutch Bike Amsterdam Netherlands. kpm photo art


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Best Instagram Photo Spots in Amsterdam. kpm photo art

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